January 27, 2017

Piano Boost App


PianoBoost is an interactive app with instant note recognition that teaches you how to play the Piano. Download Piano Boost now for FREE on your Android phone or tablet.

Do you want to learn how to play the Piano?

PianoBoost shows notes on the screen which you must play on a piano or keyboard (no plug-inns necessary). It will instantly tell you if it was correct or wrong. The tutorial helps you with basic information you need to know.

Compete against yourself and have fun while learning!

What differentiates PianoBoost from all existing apps?

PianoBoost has Instant note recognition.

PianoBoost shows you the correct position of the note on the piano if you were wrong.

PianoBoost works like a flash card system.

PianoBoost keeps your score and best times for every level.

PianoBoost sponsored by Technology Innovation Agency

Created by Dr Frelét de Villiers

Dr Frelét de Villiers is a lecturer at the Odeion School of Music, University of the Free State. She lectures in piano, music pedagogy, basis research methodologies and is a supervisor for post-graduate students. Her field of expertise is piano technique, especially the influence of the brain and whole brain approach to music. Her passion is the use of technology in the educational environment. This app project has been awarded third prize for the most innovative project at the ILO Enterprize competition and she is a TIA seed fund recipient. She has published in numerous accredited journals and contributed to an international book publication. Public appearances as a speaker include contributions to Music conferences (SASRIM, SASMT, PASMAE) as well as a guest speaker for Technology and Education symposiums held in Pretoria and Durban, South Africa.

PianoBoost Mobile App developed by LivX